• Short Hair $65
  • Medium Hair $75
  • Long Hair $85
  • Colour Service $195 and up
  • Partial Highlights $245 and up
  • Full Highlights $275 and up
  • Polish / Re-shade Service $50 and up
  • Blow out Service $65 and up
  • Perms / Kertain $300 and up

Prices do not include HST

Please Note:
With new protocols due to Covid-19 restrictions, all further appointments are now booked online only. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hair Care Products

What do you put in your hair? Skot is obsessed with hair and only uses these professional hair care products.

About Skot

Skot is committed to exceptional customer service; he is professional, talented and continuously educated. Skot provides high-quality, comfortable salon experience offering services that use the finest products to beautify and balance both the body and mind.

As a well-established and dedicated master stylist, Skot has achieved more than 30 years of experience. Working as both a stylist and an educator, he has amassed a deep and intrinsic knowledge of the hair industry.

Skot’s successful career is one of humble beginnings at just 13 years old. Getting his first start in the industry during the 80’s, he completed his 4year apprenticeship to become a Stylist. Over the years he has experienced everything the industry has to offer, from being an entry-level stylist, to owning his own salon, as well as becoming an educator of future stylists. Skot’s passion to his craft is obvious in his dedication and continued desire to teach. He considers his time as an educator with Zotos Creative Design to be one of his career high points.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Skot has since moved to Thornbury where he lives with his husband Doug, and their 2 dogs: Gilda and Lindsay. Happily married since 2011, Skot has found Thornbury to be the perfect home for his family. Enjoying life in this quaint small town, he has called it home for more than 10 years. Having worked for a salon in the neighbouring town Collingwood for more than 5 years, followed by a salon in Thornbury for 2 more, Skot has decided to go back to working for himself and started his salon based out of his home. After having run his own salon back in Edmonton from ’91–’97, he is excited to be back in the role of owner and master stylist.

An honest, personable, and genuine person, Skot finds it both a privilege and an honour to be welcomed into someone’s personal space and to be trusted with something so important. After 30 years behind the chair you can truly call Skot a master stylist.

With new protocols due to Covid-19 restrictions, all further appointments are now booked online only. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Skot Beaumont Master Hair Stylist

Contact Skot

127 Alfred Street West Unit #70
Thornbury, Ontario
N0H 2P0

(705) 606-0488
[email protected]